Admissions And Withdrawals

  1. Candidates seeking admission in the school must be introduced by their parents or guardians who shall remain responsible for their regular attendance progress in studies and for their fees.
  2. Application for admission for Std. I must be accompanied by Birth Certificate from the Civil Registrar. For other classes Leaving Certificate from the last recognised school attended has to be produced.
  3. Students coming from other states must produce their L.C’s. duly countersigned by the Education Officer of the concerned state.
  4. Students will be admitted normally within the first month from the re-opening of the school on advance payment of the admission fee and the term fee, which in no case is refundable. However, in case of sickness or bereavement or of transfer of parents/guardian, they may be admitted beyond this period with the production of L.C. of the last school attended and with due permission from the Director of Education.
  5. The Management reserves the right to refuse any application for admission without having to assign any reason for its action.
  6. Application for L.C. should be made in writing by the parent or guardian according to the proforma at the end of calendar.
  7. 7. No L.C. will be issued unless all the school dues are paid, library books and sports uniform returned and any damages are made good. Students leaving in the middle of the year will have to pay term fee of the term which he/she leaves. He/She is expected to give a month’s notice duly signed by parents/guardians or else pay a month’s fees.
  8. L.C. will be issued free of charge in the first instance WITHIN TWO YEARS of the leaving of the school. For the duplicate L.C. and that after the lapse of two years OFFICE CHARGES WILL BE COLLECTED.
  9. In order that proper arrangement of the teachers and of the classes may be done for the following academic year and considering the instructions given by the Department of education from time to time. Parents/Guardians wishing to withdraw their children at the end of the academic year should inform the school office, in writing WITHIN 15 DAYS AFTER THE DECLARATION OF THE RESULTS.
  10. L.C’s. will not be issued during the FIRST EIGHT DAYS from the re-opening of the school except to those who have appeared for the Board Exams and need the same for admissions in Higher Secondary or for a job. Such students should take their L.C’s. and passing Certificates within a year after thedeclaration of the results.