Parent Teacher Association

For attention of Parents and Guardians Results of each tutorial held by the school will be sent to parents through their wards. They are requested to take note of the progress, sign and return the result card and keep in touch with the Principal for acquainting themselves with the academic progress of the wards. Parents will be required to come personally to collect the report card of Mid Term Test, Terminal and Preliminary Examination.

Parent Teacher Association:
Parent – Teachers meetings are conducted periodically and parents will be informed about the meeting through their wards. Parents are requested to attend the meeting regularly. If any parent wishes to see the Principal/teacher
he can come on any working day during the interval period. Whole hearted co-operation of the parents and guardians is earnestly sought to ensure satisfactory progress of the student in their academic career.

General Rules of Discipline :

1. The school expects the students to conduct themselves with dignity, decency and decorum both inside and outside its premises. They will not do anything that will defame the institution.

2. Attendance at lectures, tests and examinations is compulsory. Absence at a single lecture will be considered absence for the whole day. There shall be minimum attendance of 75% per term.

3. Uniform will be compulsory except for some special occasions as fixed by the school.

4. The students are expected to strictly adhere to the prescribed uniform pattern failing which they will have to alter the same to the given specifications.

5. The students are expected to have a normal hair cut and will not be permitted to use any artificial hair colour or any fancy hair bands and accessories.

6.Mobile phones, bikes and other motor vehicle are banned in the school premises.

7.The students are not expected to come with any precious ornaments to school. Fancy jewellery and accessories too will not be permitted.

8.The students are not expected to come out of their classes except during interval or change in class room for the different subjects.

9.Students are forbidden to bring books/guides or notes in the examination hall. Those caught copying or found in possession of copying material may be expelled from the examination hall and will get ‘zero’ in the subject. Candidates will be expelled from the examination hall if
(I) they bring book, note or scribbled paper.
(ii) they speak or communicate with any other candidate
(iii) they take away answer book or supplement
(iv) they disobey any instruction issued by the conductor or supervisor.

10.Students must not join any clubs, teams etc. collect subscription, plan any parties, picnics, or games or make any engagements without the previous written permission of the Head of the School. In no case presents or any demonstration to the teacher is allowed without previous written consent of the Head. Defaulters will be viewed seriously.

11.Students participating in sports, co-curricular or any other activities permitted by the Principal are required to submit an Attendance Certificate to the Class Teacher the very next day of conclusion of the activity.

12.Students will strictly abide by all the rules and regulations framed from the time to time by the Principal or by the persons authorized by him. Disobedience, misconduct, misbehaviour and violation of rules and regulations will entail punishment including expulsion from the school.

13.In every matter relating to the school the decision of the Principal shall be final and binding upon every student.

14.The school is an academic community, the society at large expects it to maintain high standards of discipline, integrity, academic excellence and intellectual honesty. Every student should live up to this expectation, never forgetting that rights also imply duties.