Headmasters Message

Headmaster of High School
Mr Nelson D’Cruz

The purpose of a school is not merely to impart instruction but to educate the whole individual – to train his/her intellectual, moral, emotional, physical and aesthetic faculties.

The school makes special efforts aiming at the integral, personal growth of the young students. To accomplish this, special efforts are made:

• to help students to become mature spiritually oriented,  men/women of character
• To encourage them to strive for excellence in every field
• To value and use judiciously their freedom
• To become agents of much needed individual and social change

St. Theresa’s High School is a reflection of an India in miniature, where students hailing from diverse cultures and religious and ethnic backgrounds mingle with each other to share a common bond in the value based acquisition of knowledge under the watchful eyes of a vigilant and receptive Management and a committed Staff.

Mr Nelson D’Cruz