St Theresa’s Junior College

The Higher Secondary Section was established in the year 1987. This is the only Higher Secondary School in the village of Candolim providing instruction in the faculty of Arts, Commerce and Vocational (CGDM), which besides catering to the educational needs of the students from the neighboring villages of Calangute, Nerul, Pilerne and Saligao.

The objective of the school is to bring about a desirable change in the behavior of its students a change that will lead towards building up of the nation, a change that will awaken their hearts for the cause of humanity and Christian values I society and a change that will ignite their appetite for excellence.

The institution aims at providing basic and firm foundation and encourages each child as in an individualized setting, wherein the child feels cared for.  This aids in motivating even the weakest students to dream and reach unreachable heights that they could never imagine.

The students mind is stimulated with a plethora of experience which is backed by textual knowledge as well as actual practical awareness.  This is the explanation behind our excellent academic records at the XII Std Board Exam. For the past 5 years the institution has consistently achieved an overall pass percentage of 95% and above. The students are well settled and are holding key positions in the society which stands testimony of the high quality of Education imparted to them in this school.

The Higher Secondary School realizes that each child has different learning preferences, styles different strengths and weaknesses. It is for this reason that the institution does not restrict itself to the teaching of textual knowledge but strive to develop the all-round capabilities of the students by involving them in a wide variety of co-curricular activities such as debates, elocution, quizzes,  music, singing , dance and sports to name a few.  Besides opportunities to present articles in daily assembly helps them overcome their inhibitions in public speaking and fine tones their leadership qualities.

The quality of education imparted to a large extent depends on the quality of the staff members.  Hence, the teaching and non-teaching staff members are provided with several opportunities to attend seminars, workshops, orientation programmes and various other in service training programmes to keep themselves abreast of the latest in their fields of study.

The Institution believes that the students deserve the very best. The quality of education cannot be imparted without quality of infrastructure and quality facilities. The new wing for the Higher Secondary Section provided by the management is a worthy proof of our noble intention.

In the quest to provide quality education the institution we are encountered with several challenges which act as blockades to our smooth functioning such as

  • Departmental delays in getting posts sanctioned.
  •  Several emotional and personal problems that the students are facing ( esp. Candolim being a coastal village).
  • Deterioration in the values and family life.
  • At times enrolment problems as students are attracted to city schools inspite of the fact that our institution is achieving excellent results and several such problems. However these problems do not deter us from our goal but rather motivates us to overcome us to overcome these difficulties.

Our institution is one of the first to provide a trained counsellor on premises to help our students to grow into health and mature adults. Inspite of the lure of the city schools, we have still managed to get a fair enrolment by the sheer weight of our excellent performance and have hence managed to make this institution a model institution of quality education with the help of the P.T.A. and the D.S.E. and other authorities