Principles Of Discipline

1. The School meets from:
Pre-Primary: 8.30 a.m. to 11.30a.m. (Saturday Holiday)
Primary: 8.10 a.m. to 1.10 p.m.
Secondary: 8.10 a.m. to 1.25 p.m., with a recess of 15 minutes. This is subject to changes introduceable by the Directorate of Education.

2. At the first warning of the bell at 8.10 a.m. all must fall for the assembly line without any further waste of time, follow the instructions, recite the prayers with devotion, listen to the papers being read and once they are over, MOVE IN SILENCE to their classrooms, DULY ACCOMPANIED BY THEIR TEACHERS.

3. In case there is no assembly, the warning bell will be given 10 minutes late, after which all will move into their classrooms and begin their activity after having recited the prayers.

4. Students will be required to read at the assembly a short paper on any topic approved by the head of the school or give a summary of the book read, such that there is an active participation of the students at the assembly. This will be done beginning with their class teachers.

5. It is strictly compulsory for every student to come to school in complete school uniform with shoes and socks. Scouts and Guides Uniform when there is scouting or guiding period. Pupils not conforming with this norm are liable to be refused entry into the class or to be fined or even to be sent home and the parents/guardians will be held entirely responsible.

6. When the teacher happens to be absent all the students are expected to co-operate with the class monitor in maintaining proper order and discipline.

7. The attendance will be marked twice everyday, during the first and the fifth periods.

8. At the end of each period a bell will be given and the students should either wait silently for the next teacher or move silently two by two in the next class room or the ground as the case may be.

9. No late comer will be allowed to enter the classroom without the permission of the H.M.Ordinarily no students should leave the school premises without the written permission of the H.M. and a due note  from the parents/guardians. No permission will be granted to any students to leave the school during the class hours, unless a student is not feeling well or for some urgent call or work. Half day leave will not be granted unless the student gets a written note from the parents/guardians.

10. At the end of the classes all the students along with their teacher should say the prayer devoutly as per the calendar.

11. Punctuality, regularity in attendance and hard work are to be much insisted upon.

12. Regularity and implicit obedience politeness and courtesy of speech and conduct as well as cleanliness of dress and person are expected in school.

13. No pupil will be excused /exempted from the physical Exercise unless doctor advises otherwise.

14. A pupil suffering from contagious or infectious disease will not be admitted in the class.

15. No pupil is allowed to leave the class room without the teacher’s permission or until the class is dismissed. The habit of leaving the place when the teacher has left the class room, should be uprooted.

16. If a pupil is late for the school assembly, HE WILL BE GIVEN THREE WARNING NOTICES after which he is liable to be sent home at his parent’s own risk.

17. NO PUPIL IS PERMITTED TO ENTER THE STAFF ROOM and no teacher should encourage such a practice for what ever reason it may be.

18. Children are requested to take care of their personal property, as School Authorities do not accept the responsibility of the loss of books, clothes, money etc.


20. A pupil who is habitually late or comes to school without proper uniform or does not abide by the rules of the school WILL BE PENALISED ACCORDINGLY.

21. The use of ornaments and jewellery IS PROHIBITED.

22. No pupil is permitted to leave the school campus during school hours. Please note that the Church, the parish house, the main road in front of the school and the hill behind the school, lie outside the school campus.


a) Insubordination to the teacher’s speaking ill of them and of the school authorities, irregular attendance, habitual in- attention in the class, obscenity in words or actions, damaging school property or any other behaviour considered by the Head of the school as detrimental to the good tone of the school are sufficient reason for punishment or for fine or even for dismissal of the offender.



b) Personal cleanliness and hygiene are high recommended. Students must keep both, the classroom and the school premises clean. They should therefore be careful in not throwing papers, seeds etc. any where but in the basket and bins specially provided for the purpose, it is chiefly with ink, chalk and water that they must be specially careful.

c) Collective petitions or complaints only when reasonable will be considered by the school Authorities.

d) School does not hold itself responsible for the misconduct of its students outside its premises. It will however, take cognisance of any serious misconduct on the part of the students outside its premises and if it is substantiated the guilty shall be punished according to the gravity of the offence.

e) Student must not join any clubs, teams, societies etc. collect any subscription, plan any parties, picnics or games or make any engagements without the previous written permission of the Head of the School. In no case presents or any demonstration to the teacher is allowed, without previous written consent of the Head. Defaulters will be viewed seriously.

f) Political agitation or assemblies or any other subversive activities are absolutely forbidden. Students engaging themselves in such things are liable to be dismissed summarily with due notification to Director of Education.

g) Books and other articles should bear the neat name of the owner. All stray and unclaimed property should be brought immediately to the office by the Class Monitor, Peon or even other student.

h) Book, periodicals pictures, magazines, cutting instruments, toys, eatables and other articles not approved by the Head of the school should not be brought to classes or else they will be confiscated.

i) Scribbling or carving on benches, desks, walls spoiling the library books, spoiling class rooms, moving the benches and desks from one place to another, meddling with school property without permission is strictly forbidden. Students causing any damage to the school property have to make good by paying the fine imposed.

j) Each and every student should endeavour her/his best to keep up the high tone of the school by trying to excel each other with a spirit of true competition in studies, good manners and sports.

k) Students are expected to try their best in extending hearty co-operation to the school authorities in whatever they are asked to do and always remembering that nothing which is detrimental in any way will be demanded from them.

23. G.I.A. 53 (vii) Any pupil who is persistently insubordinate or is repeatedly or willfully mischievous or is guilty of gross malpractice in connection with examination or of unauthorised alterations in leaving certificates or who in the opinion of the Headmaster, has an unwholesome influence on his fellow pupils, may be removed from the roll with the permission of the Director. The removal may be temporary or permanent according to the gravity of the offence.

24. A Pupil found repeatedly misbehaving within the school premises, will be issued a show cause notice which will have to be signed by the students and parents/guardians. Such a notice will be preserved in the school file. A student who has been issued three show cause notices may be suspended or asked to leave the school with the permission of the Director of Education.

25. All the boys should have their hair cut short, girls students with shoulder length hair should have there hair combed with two plaits tied with black ribbons. No fancy jewellery allowed.